6 Reasons Why I Started Drinking More Water

This is one habit that I honestly struggled with for many years. I never really get thirsty so I don't have the urge to go pour myself a cup of water. I often survived a whole day without drinking even a cup of water. Like any other habits you try to build, it needs to start with your reason why. When I found out why it was important to drink water and all the benefits there were, it motivated me and made me want to drink more water. We all know that drinking water is some what good for you but maybe you don't know clearly why, here's your answer. 6 reasons why I started building a habit of drinking a lot more water each day!

  1. Improves skin complexion. Keeping your body hydrated allows your skin to glow and lessen the wrinkles! Start glowing from the inside out just by adding a simple habit.
  2. Helps flush out toxins - staying hydrated can help you rid impurities through sweat, urination and also aid your digestion - preventing constipation.
  3. Help prevent migraine and back pains. What a surprise! Who would have thought that these could be symptoms to dehydration. Better get your h2O levels up!
  4. Improve physical performance. When we sweat, we loose water weight which will lead to a drop in body temperature causing us to have less energy and become tired easily.
  5. Stop binge eating! Did you know that many food cravings are actually a reflection of thirst? Next time you feel like binging or have sudden food cravings, drink some water first and see if your food cravings go away.
  6. Clear dark circles. As you drink more water and your body starts to flush out the impurities, your face clears up and reduces the salt concentration in you body. It can even help your skin glow!

Now let's get drinking!

Alyssa Mak