How I Burn Calories While I Sleep

Whaaaaa? No way! You are probably thinking how is that possible? Well instead of just training hard, let's also train smart ;) 

When we are working off our calories, it's not just about the amount of time you spend staying active but the type of workout you are doing and how you can maximise the amount of calories burnt during and after the workout session. Circuit training is often used in weight loss programs as this style of workout has quite a few fat burning benefits. Let's take a look!

1. Full body workout
Interval training usually incorporates a range and combination of workouts with minimal rest in between, which allows you to work every major and minor muscle! Instead of just choosing a workout routine for muscle isolation, you usually have multiple stations targeted at different muscle groups.

2. Increases your metabolic rate
Post workout benefits gets me most excited! Metabolic rate is basically the amount of calories your body burn when you are not working out. Studies have shown that a good metabolic workout can increase your metabolic rate up to 25% for 48-72 hours! That is a lot of calories burnt while you sleep!

3. Burn more calories in less amount of time
We don't all have a few hours a day dedicated to working out unless you are an athlete, so finding a style that helps give a good workout in a time efficient manner is definitely crucial. Circuit style training gets your heart rate up really quickly and with the minimal amount of rest taken and consistent movement, it sure will help burn a lot more calories then a jog around the block!

Alyssa Mak