Learning to Grow in My Discomfort

1 week ago was the first time I was anywhere close to the floor while practising my splits. Even though I have still yet to perfect it, I was stoked! 5 minutes before I could touch the floor, I had been 1 foot away. I didn’t think I would be able to get myself all the way down, but I had a friend next to me telling me that I could. for 5 minutes she kept telling me to breathe and stay in the discomfort, when I said I couldn’t take it anymore she told me I could and was capable of more than I thought I could. I kept breathing into those spaces and eventually without knowing how, I sunk all the way down to the ground.

It’s not easy to stay in the discomfort. Would you agree? Has there been a time where you just wanted to quit, or say maybe another time but right now I am not capable. There is so much more power when you have someone walking with you and supporting you and encouraging you. That is the power of community.

You see.. God didn’t just save us into a personal relationship with Him, but a community of believers to support each other and walk together. When we walk alone, it will be like my splits journey by myself - struggling in the discomfort, wanting to quit when it gets tough. With a community that supports each other and brings each other up, we have become much more resistant together and become a stronger force to reach our God given potentials. Become more self aware and learn to differentiate the difference between discomfort and pain. Stay in the discomfort when you know it is beneficial. Be in a supportive community to spur each other on.

Alyssa Mak Christian Yoga
Alyssa Mak