My Journey to Finding Success

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Living a life of success is probably what most people dream of, but what do you define as success. Many people define success as fame and money, yet many famous people have said that when they reached the top, it often feels lonely and empty. If I had to define success, it would be living a life of purpose and significance. However, living a life of significance can often feel out of reach and you might feel like you must be rich, famous or make it BIG to make a difference. Reading John C Maxwell’s book - intentional living - gave me new perspectives to what it really means to make your life significant. 

Often we want to skip the mundane small steps and go straight to being a person of huge significance, but every person started small. Start where you are in the place you are placed - in your workplace, your family or friend group. There was a time when I felt like “If only I had_____” then I could make a difference. There’s never if only when you can make things happen. I changed my mindset from, “I can’t…” to “how can I…? “ Because a person of significance will always set a goal first and figure out how to achieve it.

It is also common for us to feel inadequate. We shrink our dreams and goals into what we think we are capable of. Yet dreams start from a single step. A person of significance will want to make a difference wherever they are no matter how small. Mother Teresa was asked what she must do to consider her work a success in which she replied, "I do not know what success will be, but if the Missionaries of Charity have brought joy to one unhappy dying person die in peace with God -- don't you think... it would be worthwhile offering everything for just that one?"

I truly believe that we can do something significant if we let ourselves dream big and start small. So where do we start? We start where we are with whatever we do and where our passion lies. I have been working in the wellness industry for 5 years and for me, it is about helping one person at a time to improve their overall wellbeing, educating each individual how to look after themselves and others. Who knows, maybe someday, someone will benefit from the very thing you or myself are working on right now!

Alyssa Mak