Private/Semi Private Class

(Female only - 60 min class)

Starts from $120


Tailor made Yoga and Pilates programs! All my programs integrates breath work and meditation. Private classes allow you to have classes designed specifically for your needs and to work at your own pace. Click into the specific categories to learn more about how my program helps you reach your goals! (All equipment is supplied)

Group Class/Event

Starting from $150


If you have an event coming up or wanting to organise an ongoing group class, I can travel to you! Whether this be a corporate class, workshop, conference or retreat I can design a specific program catered to your group. Get in touch by filling out the contact form below!

Trauma Sensitive Yoga

(Contact me to organise a class or check out my online trauma sensitive yoga program HERE)

I am trained in trauma sensitive yoga. This specialty class is aimed to support trauma survivors to recover from experiences where their bodies have kept score of trauma. I believe that there is importance in redeveloping a healthy relationship with your body and learn to deal with traumatic experiences not only through the top down method of verbalising the experience but also creating a safe space for students to work through their trauma from a bottom up method - allowing the body to heal from trauma as well as the mind.

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