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My Journey To Wellness
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Grace x Strength

Grace x Strength yoga channel

Practise with me on the Grace x Strength Yoga channel! You will be able to access a wide range of videos with new releases in
the upcoming months. There will also be more instructors and specialties catered to your preference. See you on the mat!

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What is Christian Yoga?

 Before we get into what is Christian Yoga - we need to understand what yoga is. Yoga is a practice that consists of meditation, breath work and movement. The whole practice at it's core is to promote overall wellness in the Mind, Body and Soul. The wellness and disciplinary benefits of yoga  are the key principles why most people love practicing it to seek spirituality.

Christian Yoga is essentially using Yoga to meditate on God's word. Yoga is not just an exercise on a mat, you often hear people say that Yoga is a lifestyle, it really is - it's a way of living - just like our christian walk. We learn lessons on the mat and we apply it in our day to day life. This is something I love about practicing Christian Yoga - the way I learn, steadfastness, patience, rest, discipline, balance, focus on and off the mat. 

If you would like to read more on my perspective of Christians practicing Yoga, click here to read my blog or listen to my interview on HOPE103.2.