I started taking lessons with Alyssa purely for physical reasons after realising my posture was becoming more stooped and I was experiencing upper back pain and shoulder stiffness for most of the day. What I’ve experienced and gained is so much more. With each pose and lesson line-up, I find myself getting stronger, more flexible and can hold a good posture for longer periods of the day. With each lesson theme and each session, I have discovered subtleties in my character and my fears that I’ve never been conscious of, which I now work on improving in my everyday life. This dedicated hour each week that I have committed to for the past few months has indeed been a gift that keeps on giving.
— Elaine Phua (Doctor)
After having 2 knee surgeries in the past year, I was left with little to no mobility in my hips or knees. It made my athletic life very difficult.

I have consistently worked with Alyssa for 3 months, and I have not only regained lost mobility, I have drastically increased my range of motion in my hips, shoulders, chest and knees.

This is the best my joints have ever felt. I thoroughly recommend you try out her classes; for me, it was the best decision I’ve made all year.
— NIcholas Teskantas (Martial Artist)
Wow had a wonderful experience at the Vision Casting and Grace Flow Workshop in Melbourne! Thankyou so much Jo and Alyssa for running this workshop. Such godly and gifted women you are. Our breath is so important because it is a gift from God, how true! It had been quite some time since I had done yoga, now realise how much I have missed it- and the benefits it is to your mind, body and spirit.
— Kimberley Gorfine (Nurse)
Loved the class. Alyssa pushed me just that little bit further than I thought I could push myself. She utilised the whole hour and did quick stretches between exercises as short breaks. Great knowledge of how to correct posture and make stretches/exercises harder or easier according to your level. Will definitely be back for another class next week!”
— Jessica Yim (Radiographer)
As a Boxing and Brazilian-Jiu-Jitzu coach I highly recommend Alyssa Mak’s Yoga Class, it has helped me personally a lot to achieve way more Joint mobility and way more muscular flexibility!
— Eddy Kaliboti (Martial Arts Coach)
I have thoroughly enjoyed my introduction to Yoga with Alyssa. Your classes have been so enjoyable and something to look forward to every week. I will miss your weekly face to face sessions, but wish you every success with your online tuition. Thank you for inspiring me to love and continue yoga.
— Tina Gibson (House-wife)
Alyssa’s classes are always so fun and positive to be a part of, she constantly challenges her students and brings her own unique personal flare to her teaching style.
— Janie Lai (Yogi)
Alyssa 是一位對瑜伽充滿熱情的導師。 一開始她是我的Pilates instructor, 她非常的friendly, 上她的課讓我覺得好放鬆,每次遇到困難的動作,她都會耐心的教導。我們有着共同的信仰,當我知道她想要進修Christian Yoga, 我是100%的支持她。因為我們都有着相同的目標,希望通過Christian Yoga, 讓更多的人認識我們的神。Alyssa 現在不仅僅是我的瑜珈導師,更像是我的朋友。
— Katrina Zhang (Business Owner)